Joachim Frank Mail Art Archive

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Scope Notes

This archive consists of several types of documents: (1) mail art sent to and created by Joachim Frank; (2) documents related to and documenting WORKSPACE, an Albany arts group of which Joachim Frank was a member; (3) copies of PROP, an arts magazine published by WORKSPACE and edited by Joachim Frank, as well as documents relating to the magazine; (4) other documents and publications related to the arts, especially mail art, during the time covered. These include but are not limited to: articles, zines, magazines, promotional materials, catalogs, correspondence, and advertisements.

The oldest item in the archive is a copy of LIFE magazine from 1953. The newest item is a letter to unspecified festival organizers from Joachim Frank. The letter is labeled, "Home, Homo, Homunculus" and is dated 04/16/2001. The bulk of the material dates from the late 1960's to the mid-1980's.

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Using the Finding Aid

The following information has been transcribed for each item where possible and where it was deemed that it would be useful for searching:

Search the file by using the Find or Search function in the application used to view it.

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Search Tips

Some attention was given to consistency of names and terms, but this was not the priority of cataloging the archive. Therefore, some flexibility and ingenuity may be called for in searching the finding aid. For example, if you want to find all mentions of "John M. Bennett", you may also need to search "John Bennett" and perhaps even "Bennett," in case he ever was mentioned by without his middle initial, or by surname only. The same is true, and likely even more important, for mail artists who used pseudonyms. For example, Chuck Welch is known in the mail art network as Crackerjack Kid (or sometimes Cracker Jack Kid). Likewise, sometimes Holland is referred to as Netherlands, and so on. Be creative and thorough in searching.

Use wildcards to search for date ranges. For example, Microsoft Word will allow you to search for "04/??/1979" in order to find any pieces from any date in April of 1979. For absolute thoroughness, you would also need to search for April 1979.

The accuracy of this finding aid will only be maintained if vigilant attention is paid to replacing documents in the correct order in the correct folders, and the folders in the correct order in the correct boxes. Once a document or art piece is misfiled, it is very difficult to find it again.

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Credits and Contact Information

This finding aid was compiled by Kristina M. Spurgin during the summer of 2002 and the web version of this file is hosted and maintained by her at Contact her regarding technical problems with the site.

For further information on the archive or the finding aid, including questions about viewing the archive, please contact Joachim Frank at:

278 South Manning Blvd.
Albany, New York 12208
joachim91240 @ aol. com

The finding aid may be made available in Microsoft Word format via email by request. Microsoft Word's Document Map and Find features make it easier to navigate this large document.

The finding aid was created in the summer of 2002.
The html version of the finding aid was created 9 January 2003.
The html version was last updated 11 January 2003.

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