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ArtComNet (originally named ArtMagPub), was conceived by Larry D. Smith and Larry Rippel as a newsletter to facilitate and stir up communication between artists and publishers of little arts magazines. ArtComNet was active between 1982 and 1984(?). Below is an alphabetical (by surname) list of artists involved with ArtComNet over its life. These names are taken from the issues of ArtComNet that exist within this archive. If any issues are missing, so might names only mentioned in those issues.

Gail Alien

Larry D. Ashe

John M. Bennett

Marc Bloch

Buz Blurr

Edgar Allen Bushmiller

Lucy Childs

Jon Fabian

Sue Fishbein

Joachim Frank

Klaus Groh

John P. Jacob

Ulrich Kattenstroth

Jurgen Kierspel

Joel Lipman

Ruggero Maggi

Mick Mather

George Myers

Jo-anne Echevarria Myers

Jurgen O. Olbrich

Mark Pawson

Klaus Peter-Furstenau

Carlo Pittore

Bern Porter

Steve Random

Larry Rippel

Larry D. Smith

Mark H. Wamaling

Martin Wolin, Jr

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Folder 1

Initial letter from Larry D. Smith to artists and publishers of arts magazines.

Response from Joachim Frank.

First ArtMagPub newsletter, further describing project. (ArtMagPub no. 1.)

shNN Report #5. Spring issue, 1980.

Manifesto shNnalchEmy. Edition 29 of 50. 01/18/1981. Signed by Larry D. Smith.

Memorandum to the book Recipients.

Two sheets of SHNN Artistamps.

Note to Joachim Frank from Mick Mather. 4-U-2 Post. 01/17/1984.

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Folder 2

ArtMagPub no. 2. 1982.

ArtMagPub no. 3. 1982.

ArtMagPub no. 4. 1982.

ArtMagPub no. 5. 1982.

ArtMagPub no. 6. 1982.

ArtMagPub no. 7. 1983.

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Folder 3

ArtComNet no. 8. 1983.

ArtComNet no. 9. 1983.

ArtComNet no. 11. 1983.

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Folder 4

ArtComNet no. 13. 1983.

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Folder 5

ArtComNet no. 14. 1983.

ArtComNet no. 15. 1983. (Brochure 6 is missing.)

ArtComNet no. 16. 1984.

ArtComNet no. 17. 1984.

ArtComNet no. 20. 1984.

ArtComNet no. 24. 1987.

ArtComNet no. 25. 1987.

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Folder 5.5

Art?-Com On! Was a Final issue of ArtComNet, compiled by Joachim Frank and printed around March 1988. Names from included pieces and correspondence are listed.

Art?-Com On! Letter.

2 Copies of Art?-Com On!

Originals pages copied for prodction.

Joel Lipman.

Jurgen Kierspel.

Larry D. Smith. Shnn. 3rd Surrealist underground liberation front manifesto.

Ruggero Maggi.

Serse Luigetti.

Mick Mather.

Mark Bloch.

Unlabeled envelope.

Unlabeled photo.

Jurgen O. Olbrich.

Unlabeled piece.

Notice of PROPFOLIO.

John M. Bennett.

Alien Communication. Gail Alien.

Klaus Peter Furstenau.

Mark Pawson.

George Myers, Jr.

Steve Random.

Jo-Anne Echevarria Myers.

David Cole.

John M. Bennett. Unowned Worlds. Shoestring edition.

Small jacket.

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Void Show

The Void Show was a mail art exhibition solicited by Workspace in PROP magazine.

About the Void Show

Folder 6

Announcement of Void Show exhibition at Montana Book Company, Saratoga Springs, NY. Cathy's Waffelstore, Albany, NY. Alternative Arts Space, Bazillus, Wurtzburg, West Germany. Call for more contributions.

Postcard from George Brett. She's Real Fine, My 409 Gallery. Greenville, NC. Regarding exhibiting the Void Show.

Page with information on Void Show and call for more contributions.

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Art Shown in the Void Show

Art pieces shown in exhibitions of the Void Show. Names of artists are noted where available.

Folder 7

Ruggero Maggi

Michael Lovendusky

Robin Crozier

Bitalno ??

Emilie Glen

Ray Johnson

J. Lawrence. Albany, NY.

Stvdio Le Clair. Santa Rosa, CA.

Joachim Frank. Albany, NY.

A. Verschoor. Ravena, NY.

E.F. Higgins. Doo Da Stamp Paintings. New York, NY.

M.V. King. Albany, NY.

Scarlatina Lust. New York, NY.

David Cole. Brooklyn, NY.

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Folder 8

Jan Galligan. Albany, NY.

Joachim Frank. Albany, NY.

B. Gaglione. San Francisco, CA.

P. Below. Wurzburg, West Germany.

OK Post. Weare, NH.

Richard C. Raleigh, NC.

John Held, Jr.

Polly Esther. Haiku, CA.

Hosea Frank. Albany, NY.

Uncle Don Milliken. Sunderland, MA.

Ed Atkeson. Albany, NY.

Geoffrey Cook. San Francisco, CA.

Warren Tanner. New York, NY.

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Folder 9

B. Rosenthal. New York, NY.

Oxford English Dictionary.

J.M. Bennett. Columbus, OH.

P. Kurtz. Albany, NY.

Bart Platenga. New York, NY.

Stvdio Le Clair. Santa Rosa, CA.

G.E. Marx Vigo. C. Correo. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

G.C. Haymes. Albany, NY.

P. Krummins. Brooklyn, NY.

Musicmaster. Portland, OR.

La Dada. Los Angeles, CA.

Cassia Berman. New York, NY.

S. Fishbein. San Francisco, CA.

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Items Not Used

Pieces from box labeled, "VOID Show - Pieces not used." Names of artists are noted where available.

Folder 10

Business card. Richard W. Case. "Rave reviews on preview of Voids. Rich."

Business card. Marilyn Soper. "Voids opinion panel."

R. Saunders. OK Post East. Currier Gallery of Art. 08/31/1980.

S. Fishbein. San Francisco, CA.

Musicmaster. Portland, OR.

Ed Atkeson. Albany, NY.

E.F. Higgins. Doo Da Stamp Paintings. New York, NY.

The Earth. Portland, OR.

Peter Below.

Bart Plantenga.

Ed Atkeson. Albany, NY.

Alex Torrid Zone Igloo. New York, NY. Artistamps.

Postcard from Jackie Yaeger Pardon, Saratoga Visual Arts to Joachim Frank regarding exhibiting the Void Show at the Montana Book Company.

Dadaland. Anna Bananna. Bill Gaglione. San Francisco, CA. Postcard.

Musicmaster. Portland, OR.

Bart Plantenga. Kew Garden Hills, NY.

S. Fishbein. San Francisco, CA.

Warren Tanner.

List of Void Show contributors, including names, distribution, and groups.

Bill Gaglione.

G.E. Marx Vigo. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Letter from Cassia Berman to Ed Atkeson. 07/12/1979.

Letter from Joachim Frank to Peter Below. 11/27/1979.

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Posthistoric Documents (Post-Hist) Show

The Posthistoric documents show was first announced in PROP #8 in December 1982. The deadline for receipt of entries was June 1983. PROP #12 was printed as the catalogue of the show in July 1984. Louise Krasniewicz and Joachim Frank organized the show.

About the Posthistoric Documents Show

Folder 11

History of the show. Contribution by Michael Groschopp. Postcard.

Letter to Joachim Frank from Patrick Campbell. Arcata, CA.

Table of contents of documentation. (The documentation in the archive is incomplete.) Contribution by Guy Bleus. Wellen, Belgium.

Contribution by Pawel Petasz.

PROP 12. Post Historic Documents. July 1984. Documentation or catalog.

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Posthistoric Documents Show Contributions

Names of artists are noted if they are included legibly on the piece. Locations of artists are also noted if they are apparent.

Folder 12

Dobrica Kamperelic. Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Postcard.

Minoy. Redondo Beach, CA. Photograph.

Ms. Nomers. Brighton, MA. Postcard.

Pawel Petasz. Elblag, Poland.

Michael A. May. San Francisco, CA. Postcard.

Marc Schepers. Borgerhout, Belgium.

Richard Meade. Los Angeles, CA. Postcard.

Elisabeth H. Sinsabaugh. Photograph.

Piotr Rypson. Kaliska, Poland. Postcard.

Richard Wanderman. Eugene, OR. Postcard.

Richard Olson. Madison, WI. Postcard.

Guy Bleus. Wellen, Belgium. Postcard.

Robert Rockola. San Francisco, CA.

John S. Fawcett. Storrs, CT.

Carmen Gauthier. Nashua, NH.

L. Monroe. Albany, NY. Postcard.

Hype World HQ. (Happy Young People Enterprises). New York, NY.

Hosea Frank. Albany, NY.

Carol Stetser. Padma Press. Oatman, AZ.

Juan Manuel Ruiz Solsona. Burgos, Spain.

Lugo. Budapest, Hungary. Postcard.

Brendan Credle. Nashua, NH. Postcard.

Vittore Baroni. Forte Dei Marmi (lu), Italy.

Comissariat ??.

Tom Gors. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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Folder 13

A. Robinson. Nashua, NH. Postcard.

J.M. Ruiz Solsoma. Burgos, Spain.

??. San Francisco, CA.

Carol Stetser. Padma Post. Oatman, AZ.

Albuquerque Mendes. Porto, Portugal.

Pablo Chaurit. Malaga, Spain.

E.F. Higgins. Doo Da Post. New York, NY.

Byron Black. Osaka, Japan. Postcard.

Rebecca Brier. Nashua, NH.

TKO. Fine Art Division. Fanshawe College. London, Ontario, Canada.

Jose Manuel de la Pezuela Pinto. Barcelona, Spain.

Laura J. Monroe. Albany, NY. Postcard.

Serse Luigetti. Perugia, Italy. Artistamps.

Evelyn Holland Berland. Sharon, PA.

Michael Duquette. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Chain letter.

Unlabeled photograph of mushroom cloud.

Michael Duquette. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Vittore Baroni. Forte Dei Marmi, Italy.

Irene E. Dupont. Manchester, NH.

Michele Samick. Nashua, NH.

Richard. Thomasville, NC. Postcard.

Steve Random. Greenfield, MA. Artistamps.

Bern Porter. Belfast, ME.

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Folder 14

Ruggero Maggi. Artistamps.

Bruno Talpo. Bergamo, Italy. Postcard. Artistamps.

Denis Poniz. Janeziceva, Yugoslavia.

Linda Conti-White. Vienna, VA. Postcard.

Maureen Strickland. Nashua, NH.

Larry McKim. New Brunswick, NJ.

Hans Nevidal. Guntramsdorf, Austria.

Henryk Gejewski. Amsterdam, Holland. Postcard.

Lisa Fox. Albany, NY. Postcard.

E.F. Higgins. Postcard.

Gary Raymond. Manchester, NH. Postcard.

Joan Hanlen. Kirkwood, MA. Postcard.

V. Tucker Petertil. Olympia, WA. Postcard.

14 Secret Masters of the World. San Antonia, TX.

Minoy. Redondo Beach, CA.

Jan Wilson Kaufman. Oakland, CA. Postcard.

Blaster. New York, NY.

David B. Greenberger. Brookline, MA. Postcard.

Emmett Walsh. Gulfport, FL. Postcard.

Karl Kempton. Halcyon, CA.

Vittore Baroni. Forte Dei Marmi, Italy.

Irma Perez. San Diego, CA. Postcard.

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Folder 15

Jacques Massa. Paris, France. Postcard.

Vince Leo. Columbus, OH.

Buster Cleveland. Talmage, CA.

Andrej Tisma. Modene, Yugoslavia.

Unlabeled photograph of mushroom cloud. Caption: Howdy from Texas! We're having a blast!

David M. Miller. Prairie Raunch. Prairie Ranch. Little Falls, MN.

George Myers, Jr. Camp Hill, PA. Postcard.

Leland Fletcher. San Geronimo, CA. Postcard.

Michael T. Robinson. Philadelphia, PA. Postcard.

Keith Stuart. Nashua, NH.

Tom Gore. Victioria, British Columbia, Canada.

Graciela G. Mari. La Plata, Argentina.

Avant Garde Art Review. New York, NY.

Against the Wall. Westfield, NJ.

Cavellini. New York, NY.

ME Magazine. Vol. 3, no. 2.

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Folder 16

Thomas Metzger. Obscure War Criminal Press. Rochester, NY. Postcard.

Carlo Pittore. New York, NY. Postcard.

T. Sabo. Nashua, NH.

Lon Spiegelman. Los Angeles, CA. Artistamps.

Irene E. Dupont. Manchester, NH.

Marilyn McLaren. New York, NY.

John S. Fawcett. Fawcett's Rubber Stamps. Storrs, CT.

Emmett Walsh. Gulfport, FL. Postcard.

Roberts. Chicago, IL. Postcard.

M. Peters. Chicago, IL. Postcard.

Anne Savedge. Richmond, VA. Postcard.

T. Hoare. Berkeley, CA.

Bruce Bryant. Houston, TX.

Carlo Pittore. New York, NY. Postcard.

B. Sumrall. Nashua, NH. Postcard.

Carol Marshall. Nashua, NH. Postcard.

Karen Bates. Nashua, NH.

H. Johnson. Nashua, NH.

Allen Nelson. Nashua, NH.

Lisa L'Heureux. Nashua, NH.

Lisa Allard. Nashua, NH.

Le Clair. Radio Free Dada. Santa Rosa, CA.

Clemente Padin. Montevideo, Uruguay.

Marcel Pey. Tarragona, Spain.

Christian Cavallin. Goteborg, Sweden.

Ruggero Maggi. Milano, Italy. Postcard.

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Back of Box (Not in Folders)

Large, empty envelope from Elisabeth H. Sinsabaugh. Chicago, IL.

Piece of wood, painted green, from Vince Leo. Cols, OH.

"My Baby" book. Jude Schwendenwien. In large envelope.

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