Joachim Frank Mail Art Archive: Box E

mail art by Joachim Frank

Artist books and catalogs

Consists of catalogs for books, artists' supplies, and other various items.

Folder 1

Leavenworth Jackson rubber stamps.

Susan Baker Memorian Museum.

Daedalus books. Summer 1992.

Pearson's Wine Press. 01/06/1992.

South End Press. Spring 1992.

Printed Matter Bookstore at Dia. Spring 1990.

Printed Matter Bookstore at Dia. 07/01/1991.

Printed Matter Bookstore at Dia. Books by artists. Summer 1992.

Biomedical Models Company.

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Folder 2

Small Press Distribution, Inc. Fall 1989.

Small Press Distribution, Inc. Spring/Summer 1990.

Small Press Distribution, Inc. Winter 1990.

Small Press Distribution, Inc. 1990.

Small Press Distribution, Inc. Winter 1992.

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Folder 3

Art Com. Media Distribution Catalog. Fall 1990. (2 copies).

Art Com. Media Distribution Catalog. Winter 1990.

Linguistics. Heffers Booksellers. 1990.

Lives and living. Heffers Booksellers. 1990.

Deighton, Bell 252.

Biography. Deighton, Bell 244.

Deighton, Bell 245.

Nomoma pictorial rubber stamps.

Werner Erhard and Associates.

The Classic Cars of the Fifties. Franklin Mint Precision Models.

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Folder 4

National Public Radio cassettes.

CAPD. Contemporary Arts Press Distribution. Fall 1988.

CAPD. Contemporary Arts Press Distribution. Update Spring 1990.

Printed Matter, Inc. Fall 1988.

Printed Matter, Inc. June/July 1989.

Visual Studies Workshop Press. Spring 1985.

Time Being Books: Poetry in Sight and Sound. 1992-1993.

A Common Reader. Spring 1988.

Brooklyn Acadamy of Music. BAM. Festival 1987.

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Folder 5

Small Press Distribution, Inc. Spring/Summer 1988.

Small Press Distribution, Inc. Fall 1988.

Small Press Distribution, Inc. 1989.

Small Press Distribution, Inc. Winter 1989.

Small Press Distribution, Inc. 1992.

Small Press Distribution, Inc. Spring 1992.

Small Press Distribution, Inc. Spring 1993.

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Artistamps (art stamps) by various artists and groups. A few pieces of correspondence, a newsletter, and a couple of other documents are included with the stamps. Names, dates, and locations are noted where available. If not otherwise noted, the listing refers to a set of artistamps.

Folder 6

Marilyn R. Rosenberg. 1982. Peekskill, NY. Postcard.

G. Galantai. 1964. Budapest, Hungary.

Carlo Pittore. January 1986.

Ed Varney. Artistamp News. June 1996. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Art @ Taipei. (advertisement?)


The Royal Mail. Royal Mint Stamps. 07/31/1984. Edinburgh, Scotland.

4-U-2 Post. Mick Mather. Syracuse, NY.

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Folder 7

Artistamps by Cavellini.

1984. President of USE.

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Folder 8

Artistamps by Cracker Jack Kid.

1984. "Disarm to Live." "Civil Defense? Disarm!" "Arms Race 1984."

1990. Art Strike.

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Folder 9

Artistamps by Serse Luigetti.

All Italia. Sonetto

Alfa Beto.

Postscript Um. Le Cadavre Exquis.

Postscript Um. 0.00.

Postscript Um. Replica.

Postscript Um.

Paper. 2014. Super Cavellini vs. Capt. Postmodern.



Object Poem.

Post-Post. 1/1984.

Post-Post. 2/1984.

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Folder 10

Artistamps by Ruggero Maggi.

Stamps! From an idea of Eliseo Mattiacci.


(With John Held, Jr.) International Shadow Project. Hiroshima Peace Sun.


1981. At the University Cattolica of Lima.

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Folder 11

Artistamps by Larry D. Smith.

1983. Official SHNn Stamps.

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Folder 12

Artistamps by Lon Spiegelman.

1981. Vec Lon.

1981. Hail to the Chief. Reagan Inaugural 1981.

1982. Artistamps. Correspondence.

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Folder 13

Artistamps by Bruno Talpo.

XVI Bienal de Sao Paulo. Brasil. Aragon Centre.

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Folder 14

Unlabeled artistamps.

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Folder 15

Artistamps by Edgardo Antonio Vigo. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Enero 1980. They Died in Poverty.

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New York Correspondance Art Dinner

The dinner took place 02/28/1982. This folder contains materials related to the dinner, as well as some seemingly unrelated documents.

Folder 16

Unopened appeal for donations from Anera non-profit organization, addressed to Edward M. Plunkett. Thematic Apperception. C'est a l'oeil.

Tacit. Vol. 3, No. 1. January 1982.

Handwritten notes on toast.

Third New York Correspondance School Dinner. Joachim Frank's invitation.

Card from Gary Allen.

The Vernacular Tabernacle. Holly Anderson.

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Newspaper, journal, and other articles, seemingly unrelated to mail art. Some newsletters and magazines are also included. Titles, authors, publication source, and dates are noted when available. These folders were removed from the archive by Joachim Frank after the preparation of the finding aid because they did not pertain to mail art or other subjects covered in the archive.

Folder 17 - Removed; not relevant.

Folder 18 - Removed; not relevant.

Folder 19 - Removed; not relevant.

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Into Focus / Art on Science

Art show at the Mandeville Gallery in Nott Memorial at Union College in Schenectady, NY from 08/20-10/11/1998. Joachim Frank wrote an essay, entitled "Arts and Science-A Critical Reunion," for the catalog of the show.The show was curated by Adrienne Klein.

Folder 20

Includes correspondence between Joachim Frank and Adrienne Klein, drafts of Joachim Frank's essay, and a copy of the catalog.

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Chain Letters

Chain letters from the previously unsorted mail art boxes. Names and dates on letters are noted.

Folder 21

Kim Walter. Larry Rippel

T. E. Ollson. Nancy Frank. Jake McGarrett. Joachim Frank.

Joachim Frank. Spencer Livingston. Elizabeth Stewart. Rick Dillingham. Jim Jensen.

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Zines and Magazines

From the previously unsorted mail art boxes. Includes copies of zines and magazines, advertisements for zines and magazines, and other related notices.

Folder 22

Umbrella. Judith A Hoffberg. Glendale, CA. Advertisements.

OK magazine. 3 Postcards.

Scrap magazine. Announcement.

Artistamp Inc. Lucan Ontario, Canada. North Delta, British Columbia, Canada. Announcement.

Othergates. Millea Kenin. Oakland, CA. Listing solicitation.

Menu. Grosse Pointe Farms, MI. Announcement.

Swets Subscription Service. Lisse, Holland. Request for information.

Delving Further. Madison, WI. 2 copies.

Stop Looking. Announcement.

Art in Opposition. Art Lover Splash. Robin Crozier.

Lightworks. Advertisements.

Stamp Art. Dadaland. San Francisco, CA. Announcement.

Bowker serials directories. Request for information.

Letter from Old Dominion University. 01/17/1984.

APEC News. Albany Peace & Energy Council. Vol. 5, No. 1. Winter 1984.

Cassetten Radio. Solicitation of subscriptions.

Mela. Advertisement.

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Museums, Galleries, Performances

Announcements of, or documents from museums, galleries, and performances. From the previously unsorted mail art boxes.

Folder 23

Dada dedication. Joachim Frank. Ed Atkeson. Lyn Lifshin. Paul Weinman. Ensemble Funf. 03/31/1985. Half Moon Café. Albany, NY.

Small step for mankind. Theater am Neunerplatz. Musik Theater.

Readings against the end of the world: a 23 hour reading for peace. 04/28/19??. Half Moon Café. Albany, NY. Poster.

MOTA. Museum of Temporary Art. Washington, DC. Brochure.

Reviews of exhibits. (1) A Structuralist Trilogy by James Hugunin. (2) Words and pictures by John Brumfield.

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Postcards from the previously unsorted mail art boxes. Names are noted.

Folder 24

Allen, Gail. San Francisco, CA.

Astorri, Marco. Imola, Italy.

Bloch, Mark. New York, NY.

Bruscky, Paulo. Recife PE, Brazil.

Citizen X. Sidney, British Columbia, Canada.

Dittborn, Eugenio.

Duquette, Mike. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

Fabian, Jonathan A. Rockville, MD.

Goodfriend, P. New York, NY.

Gushima, Nao. Osaka, Japan.

Hyatt, Michael. Santa Monica, CA.

Kajitani, T & M. Osaka, Japan.

Kappis, Detlef. Berlin, Germany.

Kierspel, Jurgen. Stuttgart, Germany.

Marlowe, Willie. Oneonta, NY.

Marx, Graciela Gutierrez. La Plata, Argentina.

Massa, Jacques. Nice, Paris, France.

Matthews, Tom. Albany, NY. Response to PROP.

One Step Beyond. Klaus Postler. Brattleboro, VT.

Post, Lorenzo. VT. ArtComNet.

Postema, Dick.

Pro Arts. Oakland, CA. Mail art call or invitation

Rex, Monica. Los Angeles, CA.

Schneider, Wolf.

Stetser, Carol. Oatman, AZ.

Strada, Giovanni. Ravenna, Italy.

Yamazaki, Keisui. Osaka, Japan.

Yaoz, Rivenzon. Migdal Haemek, Israel.

Z, Emmanuel.


3 unlabeled or illegible postcards.

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Emails from the previously unsorted mail art boxes. Sender, date, and subject are noted.

Folder 25

Carla Atkins Patterson. 12/21/1999. "Women at the Millennium" Mail Art Call.

JFA. 09/01/1999. Genesis at Ars Electronica.

Ken Friedman. 01/04/1999. The Fluxus Reader is now available.

Jas W. Felter. 04/25/2000. AAA Editions Update.

Mark Bloch. 05/01/2000. In memory of David Cole.

Ed Atkeson. 10/28/1998. Dick Higgins.

Jas W. Felter. 04/22/2000. In Honor of David Cole.

Jas W. Felter. 04/20/2000. David Cole's Passing.

Clemente Padin. 12/26/2000. International Exhibition of Experimental Poetry Mail Art Call.

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International Mail Art Shows

Materials related to International Mail Art Shows from the previously unsorted mail art boxes. Pieces include correspondence, mail art calls and invitations, copies of submissions by Joachim Frank, and documentation.

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Folder 26

Letter to unspecified festival organizers from Joachim Frank. Home, Homo, Homunculus. 04/16/2001.

Copy of page from documentation of Postage stamps designed by artists. ARTPOOL. G. Galantai. Budapest, Hungary. Includes: -5 cent negative stamp. Hosea stamp (Hosea Frank).

Gezelle project. Poesia visiva. Mail poetry. Guy Bleus. Stad brugge - cultuur centrum. Deadline: 01/31/1999. Wellen, Belgium. Mail art call or invitation.

Shared world. 1st international communication art biennale. Andrej Tisma. Gaudeamus, Society for the Culture of Living. Sabac, Yugoslavia. Deadline: 01/31/1999. Mail art call or invitation. Postcard.

Het Kunstpaleis. The Art Palace. Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst Deventer. Center for Art Deventer. Deadline: 06/15/2000. Deventer, Holland. Mail art call or invitation.

Xerographica: mostra internazionale di fotocopie d'autore. Zeta. Rivista internazionale di poesia & promozioni. Udine, Italy. Postcard.

Letter to Joachim Frank from Klaus Groh. Artists books archive. Artists book objects/sound pieces. Mail art call or invitation. 12/04/1984.

Image-grams. State of mind. State of the union. PADD Image-Gram. New York, NY. Mail art call or invitation. Postcard.

Cornucopia copy art project. Vittore Baroni. Forte dei Marmi, Italy. Deadline: 06/30/1985. Mail art call or invitation.

Mostra internazionale di arte postale. Pieve di cento e il suo barbaspein. Comune di pieve di cento. Anna Boschi. February 1994. Postcard.

Visions of an imaginary Spartakiade at the Northpole 1984. Ulli Kattenstroth. Berlin, Germany. Mail art call or invitation. Documentation or catalog.

James Dean cultists mail art show. Ken Friedman, Ronny Cohen, Michael Crane, Judith Hoffbers, Robert C. Morgan, Mark Bloch, Dick Higgins. Deadline: 07/15/1984. Mail art call or invitation.

Homage to the newspaper. George Myers, Jr. Camp Hill, PA. 04/27/1984. Mail art call or invitation. Documentation or catalog.

MAIC. Mail art intelligence centre. VEC UK. Collator project. Paul Carter. England. 1979. Mail art call or invitation.

Museum of museums. Johan van Geluwe. Waregem, Belgium.

Woman. X changes artists gallery. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Deadline: 10/20/1980.

An environment for peace, an environment for life: some thoughts from the artcomnet group. Scuola Media Statale. Giuseppe Perotti. Torino, Italy. 1987. Mick Mather, Larry D. Smith, Mark Pawson, Gail Allen, Mark Bloch, Joachim Frank, ArtComNet. Documentation or catalog. Copy of piece.

Cuiaba, uma cidade como voce imagina. Exposicao internacional de arte postale. Bene Fonteles. Cuiaba, Brazil. May 1985. Documentation or catalog.

Bookart bookobject bookwork hvidovre haderslev lyngby gladsaxe. Hvidovre Art Library. Lomholt. Formular press. October 1983. Documentation or catalog.

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Folder 27

Birthday of Guglielmo Achille Cavellini. Martina Corgnati. Roberto Bianchi. Mail art call or invitation. Copy of piece by Joachim Frank.

The friendship. L'amicizia. Azienda unita sanitaria locale citta di bologna. dipartimento di salute mentale. Centro diurno. V. Ferrara. Bologna, Italy. Mail art call or invitation. Copy of piece by Joachim Frank.

Good by century, good by to the past. No messiah and no revolution in sight... Volkshachschule Hietzing. Wien, Austria. Deadline: 10/31/1999. Mail art call or invitation. Copy of piece by Joachim Frank. Documentation or catalog.

Man and people at the end of the second millennium. Brno cultural and information centre and photogroup FAKT. August 2001. Sarka Tryhukova. Brno, Czech Republic. Correspondence. Mail art call or invitation. Documentation or catalog. Copy of piece by Joachim Frank.

No touch, no smoke, no eat, no poodle, no kid, no bombs. So what's there to do? Joachim Frank. 08/31/1999.

Just 4 Fun. F.U.N.tastic United Nations. Vittore Baroni. Piermario Ciani. Bertiolo, Italy. Mail art call or invitation. Artistamps.

Video. Sammanstallt av Peter R. Meyer. Bild- & Ljudverkstadens annex, sodertalje, Sweden. April 1984. Documentation or catalog.

World Artists Stamps. Belyegkepek. Stamp images. Szepmuveszeti Muzeum. Budapest, Hungary. Artpool. 1987. Documentation or catalog.

See(man)tic. Bern Porter. Includes newspaper clipping. 1994. Robert B. Menschel Photography Gallery. Syracuse, NY. Catalog of exhibit.

Adolf Wolfli 1864-1930. Werke aus einer Privatsammlung. 1971. Kunstmuseum Basel, Germany. Catalog of exhibit.

List of contributors for unspecified project or publication.

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Folder 28

Livres d'artistes. University library of Oldenburg. January-March 1986. Bibliothek & information. The book as a container of ideas. Why artists books? May 1985. Documentation or catalog.

Italian Spring Festival. Perth, Australia. 1980. International mail art exhibition. Documentation or catalog. Poster.

Flamingo project. Options, Inc. Alternative projects in the arts. Concord, NH. Documentation or catalog.

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Mixed Mail Art

Miscellaneous mail art from the previously unsorted mail art boxes. Pieces include correspondence and pieces of mail art. Names, dates, and locations are noted where available.

Folder 29

Notice to all male tax payers of increase in tax payment. John Peters.

Phlegm Pets.

Dalliosto Gualtieao. Venezia, Italy.

Poesia Postale Ubaldo Giacomucci. Poesia marginale e marginalita della poesia.

UFMT. Coordenacao de cultura. Cuiaba, Brazil.

David Cole. Exhibition of recent work and an in-gathering of paint stirrers. May-July 2000. Upper Montclair, NJ. Postcard.

Frieder Kerler. photograph. 01/15/1985.

Letter and clipping from Peter R. Meyer.

Postcard from Spencer Livingston. New Orleans, LA. 1980.

Laughter. Richmond, VA.

The Offs. Johnny too bad. 624803.

SPUDZ. Business Calls. Rotterdam, Holland. Addressed to PROP.

Tony Bradley. Chichester, West Sussex, England. 1979.

E.F. Higgins III. Doo-da Postage Works. New York, NY. 1980.

G.C. Hames. Albany, NY. Void $20.

Shemchuk. San Francisco, CA. Postcard. 04/14/1982.

Michael Scott. Leeds, England. 09/13/1981. Response to PROP 6. Postcard in envelope.

Hint Studios. Heiko Idensen. PolarPuls Urlaub. Angelika Maiworm. Hannover, Germany.

Sirqworks. Frank. Billings, MT. 1981. Postcard.

Woody van Amen. Rotterdam, Holland. Response to PROP. Postcard.

D Hairy Too. Portland, OR. 1981.

Suggestions on taxonomy of the felidae. Murray Vernon King.

PAUL. Progressive Art Unlimited Line. Anti-Picasso.

Eat art. Mike Dyar. San Francisco, CA. 11/26/1979. Mars No. 854

The Sky Bubbles. Laurel McE. A Message From.... 14 Secret Masters of the World.

Susanna Chapin. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, HI. 1979. Postcard.

Jeff, Jerry, Joan, & Joseph. L.A. 200 mail art show. Traction Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. 1980. Postcard.

Leonhard Frank Duch. Recife PE, Brazil. Postcard.

Noel. Happy birthday Jesus. Timothy Mancusi. Dada Processing.

Letter to Joachim Frank from Peter Kane Dufault. Response to PROP. 11/12/1979. Hillsdale, NY.

Letter to WORKSPACE from Devi Det Hompson. Associated Art Publishers Network. 03/15/1979.

Dave Fobes. San Diego, CA. 1979. Postcard.

Second Nihilist Festival of the Arts. Cooperative Nihilist Housing Project. Los Angeles, CA.

Chuck and Lucy comics. Mr. Haymes. Felix Navidad. 1978.

Shusaku Arakawa. confusion. 1968.

Cabvolt. Steve Hitchcock. Caberet Voltaire. San Diego, CA. Postcard.

Carolee Schneemann. Homerunmuse. Franklin Furnace. New York, NY. 12/26/1978. Postcard.

Ian Murray. Asymptote. A Space Video Caberet. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Postcard.

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Unlabeled or illegibly labeled mail art

Miscellaneous mail art from the previously unsorted mail art boxes. Source or authorship is either very confusing, illegible, or apparently not marked at all. Includes artwork and correspondence.

Folder 30

21 pieces. Letters, postcards, artwork, and one photograph of Joachim Frank.

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Mail Art by Artist or Group.

Miscellaneous mail art from the previously unsorted mail art boxes, sorted into folders by artist or group. If an artist or group had more than one piece in the mixed mail art box, a folder was created for the artist or group so that the pieces could be stored together. What follows is a list of artists and groups for which folders were created. Some cross-references are noted in italics to enhance usefulness. Art and correspondence of all types are found in these folders.

80's. See Kramer, Jurgen.

A todo mecate. See Colectivo-3.

Ackerman, Mr. And Mrs. See Laughing Postman.

Allen, Ben.

Ambiental researchs group. See Colectivo-3.

Artaud's Elbow.

Arte Postale. See Vittore Baroni.

ArtPool. Gyorgy Galantai.

Aubin, Barbara. Chicago, IL.

B. P. See also Bart Plantenga?

Banana, Anna.

Barbot, Fernand.

Bardor. See Plantenga, Bart.

Baroni, Vittore. Near the Edge Editions. Arte Postale!

Basinski, Mike.

Beining, Guy R.

Below, Peter.

Bennett, John. See also Press Me Close.

Berg, Ch.

Black Hole Records. C.S.L.

Blaster. See Laughing Postman.

Bleus, Guy.

Blue Lunch. Les Cammer. Santa Barbara, CA.

Boumans, Bart. Care. Amsterdam, Holland.

Brain Cell. See Cohen, Ryosuke.

Brett, George. See Orworks.

Brown, Ken.

Browns Mills Review. See Vajda, David.

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