Joachim Frank Mail Art Archive: Box B

mail art by Joachim Frank

Workspace Correspondence

Consists mainly of: (1) Workspace-related letters written or received by Joachim Frank; (2) Flyers and posters advertising Workspace and related programs and exhibits; (3) Press releases announcing Workspace activities; (4) Press coverage of Workspace activites; (5) Documents about Workspace itself, ie., notes from meetings, agendas, lists of members and supporters.

The bulk of the documents appear to have originated in 1979 and 1980. There are documents from 1978 and 1977, as well as many undated pieces. Arrangement is in very rough chronological order, with the oldest documents in Folder 6 and the newest in Folder 1.

Folder 1

Photograph of Joachim Frank and work table in snow. Undated. Labeled: Workspace.

Have a Merry Xmas and a...

Poster: Videotapes at Workspace. 02/24/19?? An Interview with Marcel Duchamp, 03/10/19?? Ant Farm on the Future, 03/24/19?? Deadline Australia Tapes, 04/07/19?? Top Value Television, The Superbowl, 04/21/19?? Selected Films: Dimaria, Morris, Smithson, Oppenhiem, 05/05/19?? Vito Acconci.

Poster: Sedition Dreams: New Artworkings by Spencer Livingston. 02/17-03/03/19??.

Poster: Albany's Maos. Photographs by Ed Atkeson at Cathy's Waffle Store. 06/30/19??.

Workspace News, no. 3. Calendar covers 11/11-12/17/19??.

Drawing: Stone yoke. 10/17/19??.

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Folder 2

Correspondence between Joachim Frank and Jean Brisson. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Anti Logic Programz. Postcard. Drafts of promotional materials for screenings of Brisson's video work.

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Folder 3

Flyer: 13! Photograper Artists Slide Show at CDPC. 03/28/19??

Letter from Joachim Frank to Mary Mallach. CAPS. 06/30/1980.

Flyer: Jill Kroesen. Excuse Me, I Feel Like Multiplying. The Second Floor. Center for New Art Activities, Inc. New York, NY.

Letter from Joachim Frank to Paul ?. Theatre Education Center. Catskill, NY. 06/17/1980.

List of members of Workspace as of 01/27/1980 meeting with contact information.

Letter from Joachim Frank to Jackie ?. 06/10/1980.

Letter from Joachim Frank to Reinhard Benecke and Angelika Maiworm. Special Aids. Hannover, West Germany. 06/01/1980.

Letter from Joachim Frank to Hermann Pitz. Luetzowstrasse Situation. Berlin, Germany. 06/01/1980.

Invitation from Mary Ellen Adams and Barbara Fraser. RE: New Arts Cooperative (The Performing Arts Loft) meeting. Albany, NY. 05/31/19??.

Poem: crossroads by M. C. Richards.

News release from Harmanus Bleecker Center, Albany, NY. Mary McFerran. Film program. 02/22/1980.

Budget worksheet for program at Harmanus Bleecker Center. (Tim Ledwidtu?).

Photocopy of The Knickerbocker News, Albany, NY. 03/19/1980. "Nudity on local TV: Cable staff says city must 'bare' it."

Letter from Joachim Frank to Peteris Krummins. Brooklyn, NY. 04/03/1980.

Postcard from Jackie Yaeger Pardon to Joachim Frank. Saratoga Visual Arts. Saratoga Springs, NY. 03/26/1980.

Letter from Jackie Yaeger Pardon to Joachim Frank. Saratoga Visual Arts. Saratoga Springs, NY. 03/18/1980. CAPS. Void show.

Letter from Joachim Frank to Jackie Yaeger Pardon. Saratoga Visual Arts. Saratoga Springs, NY. 04/03/1980. CAPS. Void show.

London Branch of the International Anti-Rudderist Group. London, England.

Letter to from Joachim Frank to Calvin Walker. NYSCA. New York, NY. 04/01/1980.

To-do list.

Postcard Olivia Beens. Marc Zabludoff. Hunter Gallery. New York, NY. 04/07-18/1980.

Flyer: Robert Filliou. Monty Cantsin. Infraduction. Lui est je suis. Video Vehicule. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 12/04-22/19??.

Mail art call or invitation Socks: A personality profile through a common inanimate object. Art Spies Inc. Riverside, CA. 1978.

Letter from Joachim Frank to Spencer Livingston. 08/20/1979.

Letter from Joachim Frank to Spencer Livingston. 10/16/1979.

Flyer: Videoportraits. Randy Lake. Video Vehicule. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 12/04-22/19??.

Letter to Workspace from Rex Stewart. Albany City Arts Office. Albany, NY. 02/26/1980.

Alliance Day in Albany. 02/04/1980. Information sheet, registration form, schedule.

Poster: Super-8 Film Show. Cathy's. 03/22/19??.

Poster: Musee d'Art Vivant Vehicule. Art, Inc. Paul Wong, Ann McDonald, Deb Fong, Carol Hackett, Jeanette Reinhardt, Gary Middleclass. Video Vehicule. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 01/26/19??.

Invitation: Andrew Nevai Invitational Birthday Marathon. Andrew Nevai. Art sStyle. Art Ranch. Florida, NY. 02/08-11/19??.

Press Release: The Kitchen Center for Video and Music. A Listening Room. Laurie Anderson, John Giorno, Larry Goodell, Terry Fox, Constance De Jong, Peter Gordon, Ernest Gusella, Mabou Mines, Ned Sublette, Ronald Tavel, Reynold Weidenaar. New York, NY. 04/01-19/1980.

Survey of Albany Arts Groups. 03/05/1980.

Flyer: Paul Genega poetry reading. 03/03/19??.

Letter from Joachim Frank to Rex Stewart. 03/04/1980.

Press Release: Drawings by Roberta Wilson. Cathy's Waffle Store. Albany, NY. 02/19/1980.

Brief history and description of Torpedo Factory Art Center. Marian Van Landingham.

Letter from Jackie Yaeger Pardon to Joachim Frank. Saratoga Visual Arts. Saratoga Springs, NY. CAPS.

Up & Coming at the New York State Museum. 01/13/1980.


Notice: Arts News Media Directory. 1980. Notes.

Flyer: Third Half of the Time. Barbara Steinman. Video Vehicule. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 12/04-22/19??.

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Folder 4

Poster: Please Post. State University Plaza. Plaza Gallery. 02/19/1980. (2 copies)

Brochure and registration form: One Century: The rise, peak and decline of a 19th century industrial society. 10/20/1979.

Brochure: CAPS. Creative Artists Program Service. 1980.

Invitation Postcard from Olivia Beens and Peter Kummins to Joachim Frank. 01/19/1980.

Postcard Moving announcement. Rene's Silkscreen Studio. Albany, NY. 01/21/1980.

Invitation: Impressions of Light and Color. Rachel. Skylight Gallery. Albany Jewish Community Center. Albany, NY. 02/10/1980.

Letter from Joachim Frank to Jackie Pardon. SVAC. Void show. 02/09/1980.

Letter from Joachim Frank to John Minkowski. Media Study Buffalo. 01/30/1980.

Letter from Joachim Frank to Mary Wallach. CAPS. 01/30/1980.

Invitation: Recent Works. George O'Connell. Thomas Seawell. Plaza Gallery. State University Plaza. Albany, NY. 01/15/1980.

Letter from Joachim Frank to Tony Conrad. 01/16/1980.

Postcard from Jill Kroesen to Joachim Frank. 08/01/1979.

Exhibit: The Photograph as Artifice. The New Gallery. Schacht Fine Arts Center. Russell Sage College. Troy, NY. Ruth Healey. John Upton.

Unsigned letter to Spencer Livingston. 12/17/1979.

Poster: Video Australia. Video Viewing Room. The Kitchen Center. 11/03/1979.

Invitation: Bill Viola. The Reflecting Pool. Moving Stillness: Mount Rainier 1979. Media Study/Buffalo. Buffalo, NY. 12/05/19??.

Letter from Joachim Frank to Jackie Pardon. SVAC. 01/07/1980.

Letter from Jackie Yaeger Pardon to Joachim Frank. Saratoga Visual Arts Cooperative. SVAC. 12/26/1979.

Invitation and program: Workspace. Open Poetry Reading. CDPC. 01/13/1980. Joan Michaels. Shalome-Louise Rofes. John Amidon. Cynde Gregory. Cathleen Logan. Paul Weinman. Valery Major. Joseph Paisley. Jessica Lawrence. Ruby Cadillac. Joachim Frank. Silvia Barnard. Ed Atkeson.

Creative Artists Public Service Program (CAPS) information and survey. ??/??/1980.

Workspace News. 09/??/1979.

Letter from Theodore W. Striggles to Jan Galligan. New York State Council on the Arts grant rejection. 09/26/1979.

Letter to Jim Jennings from Joachim Frank. 11/19/1979.

2 photocopies of page 270 of a technical text by A. P. Reeves using term "WORKSPACE."

Flyer: Albany's Maos. Ed Atkeson. Exhibit in Cathy's Waffle Store. Albany, NY. 06/30/19??.

Clipping: KITE 01/02/1980. Bulletin board announcement of poetry readings at Capital District Psychiatric Center. Joachim Frank contact.

Flyer: Poetry in the 80's. Open reading at CDPC. Albany, NY. 01/13/1980.

Clipping (photocopy and original): KITE 12/05/1979. Tony Conrad sponsored by Workspace.

Albany Times Union. Lively Arts page. 01/06/1980.

Photographs. (contact sheet ?) Members of Workspace. In front of storefront at 230 Washington Ave. with large chicken.

Letter from Jill Kroesen to Joachim Frank. New York, NY. 09/16/1979.

Press release. Workspace Stainless Steel Years. Jan Galligan. Robert Durlak. Albany Public Library. Albany, NY. 07/4/1979.

Clipping: KITE. 11/07/1979. Workspace Retrospective. Workspace Stainless Steel Years. Jan Galligan. Robert Durlak. John Cerrin.

Press release: Workspace events. Mugshots. Peter DeLong. Jim Jennings. 10/16/1979.

Press release. Workspace Stainless Steel Years. Jan Galligan. Robert Durlak. Albany Public Library. Albany, NY. 07/4/1979.

List of artists and groups in contact with PROP. 06/10/1979.

Workspace past events 1979. 06/10/1979.

Workspace Arts Manager job description. 10/??/1979.

List of artists affiliated or involved with Workspace. 10/10/1979.

Flyer: Workspace Artists Tax Workshop 4. 02/08/19??.

Flyer: Four hole Buick poetry. Event at Cathy's Waffle Store. 03/22/19??.

Press release: Life below sea level. Spencer Livingston. Cathy's Waffle House. 11/24/19??.

Letter to Joachim Frank from Kelly (???). San Franscisco, CA.

Note to Joachim Frank on poem with Alterboys Postcard. Kelly (???). 04/24/1979. 07/??/1979.

Collage flyer or mailer. Information and press about Workspace. Solicitation of supporting members and artists.

Letter to Joachim Frank from Julie Louise Harrison and Cara M. Brownell. New York, NY.

Proposal and budget for performance by Julie Harrison and Cara Brownell at Workspace. 09/15/1978.

Workspace members and friends. Several copies, one annotated with paying members marked. 09/01/1979.

Flyer: Workspace Sunday night meetings. Cathy's Waffle Store.

Flyer: 0000 Buick poetry. Copies and original. 03/22/1979.

KITE. 04/04/1979. Review of first issue of PROP.

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Folder 5

Press release: Vito Acconci. The red tapes. The artist and the television series. Includes photo still from The Red Tapes. Albany Public Library. 06/28/1979.

Press release: So what. Joachim Frank Cathy's Waffle Shop. Several copies. 07/10/1979.

Flyer: So what. Joachim Frank Cathy's Waffle Shop. 07/21/1979.

Press release: Four CAPS artists to visit Albany and Saratoga. Several copies. Louie Grenier. Jill Kroesen. Peteris Krumins. Jim Jennings. 08/01/1979.

Press release: Performance artist visits Saratoga and Albany. Jill Kroesen. 08/30/1979.

Flyer: Film maker Jim Jennings. Lecture and workshop. Harmanus Bleecker Center. Several copies. 11/02/19??.

Flyer: Albany's Maos. Ed Atkeson. Exhibition in Cathy's Waffle Store. 06/30/19??.

List of news releases and flyers, 1979. Sent to NYSCA.

Press release: Father Guido Sarduci. Don Novello. Willie Walker III and Friends. Lowell Darling. Willoughby Sharp. Tennis in Venice. John Baldessari. Saul Lewitt. Baldessari Sings Lewitt. The artist and the television series. Albany Public Library. 05/15/1979.

Flyer: Films Video. Louie Grenier. Albany Public Library. 08/10/19??.

Press release: The ant farm. The artist and the television series. Chip Lord. Doug Michaels. Curtis Schrier. Chris Burden. 05/09/19??.

Photograph: unlabeled. This is your life.

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Folder 6

Flyer: I don't believe my eyes. Will you? Channel 16. New wave at Workspace. Kitchen Sync. Denizens of the City. Dialtones. 04/26/19??.

Brochure: Harmanus Bleecker Center for History and Art. Spring 1979.

Unlabeled notes.

Do not Prop Open.

Notes about KITE listings.

Clipping: KITE 04/18/1979.

Photocopy from Westchester Arts Update, 02/??/1979. Arts for the asking. CAPS.

Photocopy from Albany Times-Union??/??/1978. Prop dies (altered from "Pope Dies").

Brochure: Bald ist schluss damit. Die Tageszeitung.

Photocopy: The family. Ricky. Bushy tail. Peter. Fox. Several copies.

Workspace members and friends. 01/??/1979. With other papers about members and friends.

Workspace news. 06/??/1979.

Workspace meeting notes. 12/09/1978.

Workspace program ideas for 1979.

Workspace meeting notes. 01/07/1979.

Workspace meeting notes. 01/14/1979.

Letter to Gigi Franklin from Joachim Frank. New York, NY. 01/17/1979.

Donation, notes of stamp expenses, expense voucher, receipt. 01/11/1979.

Workspace meeting notes. 01/21/1979.

Workspace meeting notes. 01/28/1979.

Clipping: KITE. Workspace plans art journal. Prop. 01/17/1979.

Press release: Workspace to sponsor tax workshop for artists. Paul Jossman. 02/07/1979.

Notes. 01/29/1979.

Workspace meeting notes. 02/04/1979.

Workspace meeting notes. 02/??/1979.

Notes. 04/??/1979.

Brochure: Community Arts Workshop. Winter 1978.

Poster: Community Arts Workshop. Fall 1977.

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PROP was an arts magazine published under rotating editorship by Workspace between March 1979 and January 1986. This series contains primarily: (1)Issues of PROP magazine. Issue number 3 is missing; (2) Submissions and contributions to PROP magazine; (3) Artwork and other materials used in the creation of PROP magazine; (4) Responses to PROP magazine; (5) Other correspondence related to PROP magazine.

Issues of PROP Magazine

Folder 1

PROP No. 1. March 1979. Edited by Jessica Lawrence and Bob Durlak. Credits note the following names: Chris Waters. Joachim Frank. Aaron Flores. Jan Groneberg. Max Semoid. Lauren Jess. Greg Hymes. Jim Sande. Peter DeLong. Cynde Gregory. Billy Drislane. Lori Lawrence. Patrick Fleming.

PROP No. 1 . 1979. Nur Mut. Superman vs. tomorrow. Edited by Joachim Frank.

PROP No. 2. July 1979. Edited by G. C. Haymes. Theo Dorian. Credits note the following names: Ed Atkeson. Myla Pesnichak. Lon Spiegelman. Viola B. Adams. Jill Shore. Ed Varney. Bowtie Blotto. Jo Denali. Hosea Frank. Art C. Phatze. Joachim Frank. Roxy Victoria. Rober Durlak. Philemon. Mikel Harwood. Barbara Aubin. Toute la Gang. Fred Kweicien. Aaron Flores. R. Dick Trace-It. Bart Plantenga. Roxanne Storms. Michael Stiles. Ishvahni LeClair. Jim Woodward. Delux. (2 copies).

PROP No. 3. List of contents. Joachim Frank. Jan Galligan. Peter Below. Allen Morris. Jean Pierre Bretaudiere. Daniel Sperber. Steven Durland. Adriane Verschoor. Robert Durlak. Falves Silva.

PROP No. 4. May 1980. Literary issue. Edited by Jessica Lawrence. Credits note the following names: Ed Atkeson. Joachim Frank. Roland Feldspahr. Dorothy L. Rose. Lon Spiegelman. Adriane Verschoor. Michael Kase. Guy R. Beining. John M. Benning. Luna Bisonte Prods. Meg Smith. T. J. Kallsen. A. J. Wright. Cynde Gregory. Ralph Fusco. Stu Horn. Sue Medyn. D. Sullivan. Tom Holecek. Dennis Sullivan. Nancy Sue Pistorius. Joan Colby.

PROP No. 5 Fall 1980. Edited by Ed Atkeson and Joachim Frank. Credits note the following names: Ernst Volland. Vittore Baroni. Alagmir Hashmi. Adriane Verschoor. Werner Lorenzen. Peter Zingsheim. Reindeerwerk Associates. Tom Eiling Lomholt Formular Press. Sandie Shaw. Opal Louis Nation. David Formanek. Sue Fishbein. Cathy Waffle. Edat Keson. Stu Horn. Edgar-Antonio Vigo. Sam McPheeters.

PROP No. 6 April 1981. Edited by Joachim Frank and Carol Tansey. Credits note the following names: Ed Atkeson. Hosea Frank. Werner Lorenzen. V.E. Emmett. Adriana Verschoor. Jacques Carrie. Peter West. W. Goldfarb. Guy R. Beining. David Vadja. A.G. Bell. Bart Platenga. Dr. Ackerman. Richard C. Jeff Branin. Marin van Heel. Opal Louis Nations. R. Prost. Alexander Z. Kristian Berg. Roland Feldspahr. Howard Winn. Martin VI. G Barchenger. Susan Medyn. Seni P. Musus. Musicmaster.

PROP No. 7 December 1981. Edited by Joachim Frank. Credits note the following names: Carol Tansey. Ed Atkeson. Ulysses Carrion. Alan Catlin. Piotr Rypson. Cracker Jack Kid. Adriana Verschoor. David Vadja. Monica Rex. V.J. Emmett, Jr. Vittore Baroni. Opal Louis Nations. Harry Yokohoma. Paul Rutkovshy. Jeanne Finley. Marin van Heel. Spencer Livingston. Stu Horn. Richard Kelly. Warriors of Mars. Peter Below. Werner Lorenzen. Jacques Carrie. Bart Plantenga. R. Feldspahr. Musicmaster. Lucas Conde. Ruggero Maggi. Willy Buchholz. Peter West. Carlo Pittore. Lydia Tomkiw. Michael Scott. Hosea Frank. Lyn Lifshin. Daniele Ciullini. Hanna Bremer. Stevdio LeClair. Steven Durland.

PROP No. 8 December 1982. Edited by Joachim Frank. Louise Krasniewicz and Joachim Frank. Credits note the following names: Lou Macellaro. Hosea Frank. Rene Aeberhard. Peter West. Thom Metzger. Jim Torrey. Adriana Verschoor. Piotr Rypson. Michael Radermacher. David Vadja. Frank Ananicz. Janice Eidus. Loris Essary. John M. Bennett. Stephen Fisher. Bob Snyder. Guy R. Beining. John Crowford. Jefferey Marks.

PROP No. 9/10 July 1983. Edited by Joachim Frank. Credits note the following names: Carol Tansey. Louise Krasniewicz. Christian Berg. Adriana Verschoor. Hosea Frank. Mark Bloch. Pan. Thomas Metzger. Wuss Allen. Johan van Geluwe. Joel Lipman. Monica Rex. Carlo Pittore. David Vadja. Spencer

Livingston and his Mighty Stegosaurus Band. Louie Crew. Steve Random. David Formanek. Serge Luigetti. Willy Buchholz. Contains a flexidisk record by The Mighty Stegosaurus Band of New Orleans, Louisiana.

PROP No. 11 December 1983. Edited by Joachim Frank. Credits note the following names: Richard Kelly. Paul Levine. Cindy Buff. Mike Smith. Stephen Ronan. Hosea Frank. John M. Bennett. Page Moran. David Vajda. Steve Random. Lyn Lifshin. Charles Hanson. Spencer Livingston. Jade.

PROP No. 12 July 1984. Post Historic Documents. Edited by Joachim Frank and Louise Krasniewicz. Credits note the following names: David B. Greenberger. Vince Leo. Hosea Frank. Minoy. Karl Kempton. David M. Miller. George Myers, Jr. Leland Fletcher. Emmett Walsh. V. Tucker Petertil. Jim Torrey. Juan Manuel Ruiz Solsone. Douglas Messerli. Michael T. Robinson. Carol Stetser. Henryk Gadewski. Albuquerque Mendes. Jacques Massa. John S. Fawcett. Michael A. May. Vittore Baroni. Guy Bleus. Tom Gore. Andrej Tisma. Jan Wilson Kaufman. Lisa Fox. Keith Stuart. Documentation or catalog for Post Historic Documents mail art exhibition.

PROP No. 13 January 1986. Edited by Joachim Frank. Credits note the following names: Larry Smith. Monica Rex. Norman Anton. Erhard Wittek. Jutta Bielefeldt Hicks. Diana Manning. Alexander Zeid. Paul Weinman. Michael Radermacher. Alex Igloo. David Vadja. Ulrich Kattenstroth. Hosea Frank. Jan Galligan. Peter West. Robert Durlak. Ed Atkeson. Real George. Lyn Lifshin. Anne Fossner. Chicks and Emma. David Cole. Byron Perrin. Edgar Allen Bushmiller. Cracker Jack Kid. Carol Stetser.

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PROP Correspondence

Folder 2

Correspondence regarding PROP between Joachim Frank and others.

Correspondence between Joachim Frank and CCLM (Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines). New York, NY. 01/30/1980 - 02/30/1980.

Correspondence from Fort Mason Foundation and San Francisco Arts and Letters Foundation. San Francisco, CA. Undated. Video Poetry for the Deaf.

Correspondence between Joachim Frank and Monitor Book Company. Alan F. Pater. Beverly Hills, CA. 03/04/1980 - 03/22/1980.

Correspondence between Joachim Frank and NYSLC (New York State Literary Center). Judith Kitchen. Pittsford, NY. 11/23/1980.

Correspondence between Joachim Frank and Artinform. Laura J. Millin. Seattle, WA. 09/01/1981 - 09/04/1981.

Correspondence between Joachim Frank and Library of the National Collection of Fine Arts (National Museum of American Art) and the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution Libraries. Susan Rothwell Gurney. Vivienne Shadbolt. Washington, DC. Bibliography on little magazines int the visual arts. 01/28/1980 - 09/04/1981.

Correspondence between Joachim Frank and Bizarre Angel. Emmanuel Z. London, England. 01/07/1980.

Correspondence between Joachim Frank and Jim Hol. New Agnecy. The Agent. London, England. 03/16/1980 - 09/20/1981.

Postcard to Joachim Frank from ??. Franklin Furnace. Printed Matter. 01/03/1981.

Letter to Joachim Frank from ??. 05/10/1981.

Letter to Joachim Frank from Billie Aul. 12/12/1980.

Jean Brown Archive. Shaker Seed House. Tyringham, MA. 03/07/1980.

Letter to Joachim Frank from Spencer Livingston. 08/04/1981. New Orleans, LA.

Postcard to PROP from Gene Laughter. Richmond, VA. 01/03/1983.

Letter from Susan Nowofrock (?) to PROP. 01/10/1983. Touchstone Ceramics. East Greenbush, NY.

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Folder 3

Responses to PROP.

Postcard from Michael Scott. 04/12/1980.

Note from Opal Louis Nations. 05/19/1981. PROP no. 6.

Letter to Joachim Frank from ??. 05/11/1981. PROP no. 6.

Note from Adri. Undated. KITE review.

2 Postcards from Scott Helmes. 02/14/1980. 06/29/1980. PROP no. 3. St. Paul, MN.

Letter from Steven Samiof. Stuff Magazine. Los Angeles, CA. 08/08/1980. Void show. PROP.



Done with mirrors. Postcard. Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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Folder 4

Letters regarding PROP from Joachim Frank.

To Dustbooks. Paradise, CA. 10/26/1979. RE: International Directory.

Notice about PROP sent to Small Press Distributors. Includes listing from Dustbook directory.

To Chapter Art. Cardiff's Workshop and Center of the Arts. Cardiff, Wales. 07/20/1981. RE: review of PROP.

To Dean Hey. 01/23/1981.

To Kaptein Kuns. Cape Town, South Africa. 01/23/1981.

To Michael Horovitz. Undated.

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Folder 5

Quotes, notes, receipts, brochures, and advertisements related to the printing of PROP.

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Folder 6

Miscellaneous materials related to promoting PROP. Includes material related to similar publications, literary reviews, and mail art in general.

Survey for presses.

Submission of listing for Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory. 02/09/1980.

Serials Review. General and advertising information.

Review of PROP. KITE. 07/02/1980.

Catalogue brochure from TEAC, Inc. Sagarin Press.

Call for submissions to 1980-1981 Artists' Publications in Print. Glendale, CA. Judith A. Hoffberg.

The Literary Monitor promotional material.

Pre-publication special offer. Correspondence Art. Contemporary Arts Press. San Francisco, CA.

Mail art Quotes.

High Rock Review. Brochure.

Flyer. The One-off Christmas Recession Show. New Agency. London, England. 12/21/1979.

Materials related to YWCA/Center for Women Writers BookSale. 12/08/1979 - 02/15/1980.

Notice of Dustbooks International Directory of Little Magazines and Small Presses proof sheet and order form.

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Folder 7

Miscellaneous materials related to promoting PROP. Includes material related to similar publications, literary reviews, and mail art in general.

Successful book marketing. How to turn your inventory into cash. Dan Poynter. Parachuting Publications.

Write right. A desk drawer digest of punctuation, grammar, and style. Jan Venolia. Periwinkle Press.

Publish your photo book. A guide to self-publication. Bill Owens.

Love Street Books. Solicitation of manuscripts.

The CoEvolution Quarterly. Request for review copies of PROP. Stewart Brand. Sausalito, CA. Whole Earth Catalog. 06/24/1980.

COSMEP (Committee of small magazine editors and publishers). Invitation to join.

Fiction Writer's Market solicitation of listings and verification.

Marquis Academic Media. Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Journals and Periodicals. Solicitation of listings.

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Folder 8

PROP Contributions. Correspondence between those involved in producing PROP and contributors to the magazines. Includes submissions, acceptance letters, rejection letters, requests for information, and miscellaneous communications. Names of correspondants are noted, as well as the inclusive dates of correspondence with each. Items are arranged in alphabetical order by correspondants' surname, then by date.

Frank Ananiz ??. 11/12/1982.

Glenn Barchenger. 11/04/1980.

Daniel Brandes. 01/17/1979.

Guy R. Beining. 03/27/1980 - 05/24/81.

John M. Bennet. 02/16/1980.

Jeff Branin. 11/04/1980 - 02/25/1981.

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Folder 9

PROP Contributions, continued.

Jacques Carrie. 03/27/1980 - 05/05/1981.

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Folder 10

PROP Contributions, continued.

Alan Catlin. 04/15/1980 - 10/25/1981.

Robert Clinton. 10/20/1979 - 11/06/1979.

Joan Colby. 02/16/1980 - 05/01/1980.

Michael Dec. 11/07/1979 - 11/19/1979.

Janice Eidus. 01/29/1982 - 12/22/1982.

V.J. Emmett, Jr. 11/08/1980 - 07/06/1981.

Emilie Glen. 01/07/1980.

Alamgir Hashmi. 11/20/1980 - 03/06/1981.

Leigh Hunter. 01/01/1981.

Ms. Johns. Undated.

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Folder 11

PROP Contributions, continued.

R.K. ?? Undated.

T.J. Kallsen. 11/19/1979.

Michael Kase. 03/31/1980.

D.M. Kivel. 11/19/1980 - 08/08/1981.

John Levin. 02/03/1980.

D.H. Lloyd. 11/27/1979.

Kathleen Logan. 01/29/1980 - 07/05/1980.

Lou Macellaro. 02/22/1982.

Reeves M. Marcus. 01/08/1982.

Stephen-Paul Martin. 06/09/1980.

Corey Mesler. 01/16/1980.

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Folder 12

PROP Contributions, continued.

Thom Metzger. 09/14/1982 - 12/28/1982.

J. Christopher Michel. 02/09/1980.

Allan Morris. 11/11/1979 - 02/03/1980.

Sean Morton. Postcard. 08/24/1981.

Musicmaster. Undated.

James Phillips. 1/22/1982 - 10/03/1982.

Bart Plantenga. 05/14/1981.

R. Prost. 11/04/1980 - 02/13/1981.

Dorothy Rose. 12/10/1979 - 03/28/1980.

Jerome Salzmann. 11/19/1979 - 11/23/1979.

Charles J. Scott. 09/24/1981.

George W. Smyth. 12/17/19??.

Bob Snyder. 09/28/1982.

David Vadja. 11/04/1980 - 02/15/1981.

J.S. Wade. 09/18/1981.

Howard Winn. 07/20/1980 - 11/13/1980.

A.J. Wright. 01/28/1980 - 04/05/1980.

Joel Zeltzer. 12/28/1982.

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Folder 13

PROP Contributions, continued.

List of Contributor to PROP No. 4.

2 unlabeled artworks.

Letter to Jessica from Jeff ?? 06/21/19??.

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Folder 13.5

PROP #2 Artwork


Barbara Aubin. Postcard.

Ella Fitzgerald on Mars.

Progressive Intellectual Arithmetic.

Hosea Frank.

Correspondence between Joachim Frank and Anna Banana. 03/09-20/1979. San Francisco, CA.

Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service. Washington, D.C. Translator's Abstract. Carlos A. Maynard. Deanna Hammond. Montivideo. 09/08/1978.

Unlabeled negatives.


This is an shark aeroplane that is alive...

Notes. Some reactions on PROP.

Stan Mack's Real Life Funnies: Picasso Had Balls.

Follow-up: Stratotankers in the Cotswolds.

Letter from Ben A. Green, Jr. to Joachim Frank. Schenectady, NY. 03/22/1979.

Clipping. KITE, 04/04/1979. Review of PROP.

Note that PROP 13 will come out in March 1982.

Intellectual Arithmetic.

It was hopeless: he was farer away from Cincinnati than he thought...

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Folder 14

Documents and artwork used to produce PROP. Some correspondence is included, as are layout mock-ups. Many pieces are not labeled or dated. The original folder is labeled: "PROP #3 Original artwork to be returned." Names and dates found on pieces are noted.

Ray Johnson

Workspace News, 09/??/1979.

Howardena Pindell

Jack Manno

Barbara Aubin

Robert Sietsma. Gretchen Van Dyke.

Lon Spiegleman

Joanne Sande


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Folder 14.5

Responses to PROP #3

A. De Araujo. 05/08/1980. Natal, Brazil. Postcard.

Woody Van Amen. Rotterdam, Netherlands. Postcard.

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Folder 15

Documents and artwork used to produce PROP. Some correspondence is included, as are layout mock-ups. Many pieces are not labeled or dated. The original folder is labeled: "PROP #5 Used material" and "PROP #4 Material already typed." Names and dates found on pieces are noted.

Vittore Baroni

Alamgir Hashmi

Sandie Shaw

Opal Louis Nations. 1980.

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Folder 15.5

Old PROP materials. Titles, names, and dates found on pieces are noted.

Hoog weledel zeergeleerde Heer Prof Dr.

D&E. Developmental & Experimental. Computer Assisted Newborn Intensive Care.

A.G. Bell Telegraphy patent.

Yahweh. G. Barchenger. Austin, TX.

PROP dummy.

John M. Bennett. 01/04/1981.

Smoke. Joachim Frank.

Educational process.

The fifth element. Max Semoid.

Max Semoid.

From the third floor window. Jessica Lawrence.

The Groneberg-Frank Paradox. Joachim Frank.

Grandmother's Death. Billy Drislane.

Blood in a Kitchen.

Harlequins at home.

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Folder 16

Documents and artwork used to produce PROP. Some correspondence is included, as are layout mock-ups. Many pieces are not labeled or dated. The original folder is labeled: "PROP #7." Names and dates found on pieces are noted.

Willy Buchholz

Studio Le Clair. 08/13/1981.


Piotr Rypson

H. Bremer. D. Ciullini.

Steven Durland. 05/15/1981.

Paul Rutkovsky

Harry Yokohama


Alamgir Hashmi

Alan Catlin

Lyn Lifshin

Cracker Jack Kid

John Clark

David Vadja

Lisa Genet

Alterboys. 02/??/1980. Richard Kelly.

Monica Rex.

Carlo Pittore

Petr Below

Michael Scott

Paul Rutkovsky

Jacques Carrie

Jade Livingston

Pawel Petzsz

Cracker Jack Kid. 09/18/1981.

Spencer Livingston.

Alan Catlin

Opal Louis Nations

Spencer Livingston

Lydia Tomkiw. 09/18/1981.

David Vajda

Eric Felderman. 09/22/1981.

Stu Horn

Michael Scott

John M. Bennett

Ken ??

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Folder 17

The original folder is labeled: "Responses to PROP #7." Names and dates found on pieces are noted.

Lon Spiegelman. 03/05/1982.

Monica Rex. 02/22/1982.

Terra Candella. 02/18/1982.

Bart Plantenga.

Guy ??.

Alex Igloo. Artistamps. Postcard. 02/09/1982.

Alan Catlin. Postcard. 12/22/1981. Schenectady, NY.

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Folder 18

Olympic Mail Art Show. A response to PROP #8 is included.

Joachim Frank. 04/03/1983.

Gerry Bryant. Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee. 11/3/1982.

Lon Spiegelman. 01/12/1973.

Hope Tschopik. Olympic Arts Festival. 05/24/1983.

W.S. Allen. Wuss Allen.

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Folder 19

Responses to PROP #8.

D. Tinsley. 01/10/1983.

Thom Metzger. 01/08/1982.

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Folder 20


Lon Spiegelman. 03/08/1987.

John Held, Jr. 01/12/1987.

Simonson.03/08/1987. 03/21/1987.

Greet-o-matic. Jack ??. 03/03/1987.

Luc Fierens. 03/22/1987.

Janet Janet.

Notice of availability of a complete portfolio of PROP back issues.

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Folder 21

PROP #8 Material.

R. Aeberhard. 10/21/1982.

Bart Plantenga

Bob Snyder

Doris Essary. 01/12/1982.

Lou Macellaro. Guy R. Beining.

J. Crawford.

Frank Ananicz

David Vajda

Thomas R. Metzger.

Piotr Rypson

C. Mehrl Bennett. John M. Bennett.


Janice Eidus

Guy R. Beining

Hosea Frank school assignment.

J. Crawford.

Jacques Juin

Cindy Fornari. 10/02/1982.

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Folder 22

"PROP: Later than #8"

PROP letterhead.

Prof. Marquis Dadactic

Pud Eldritch. 08/18/1981.

Robin Crozier.

Piotr Rypson

Cracker Jack Kid

Guido Niceforo. 05/25/1982.

C. Fornari

Carol Stetser. Padma Press. 10/19/1982. Postcard.

Postcard. Woody Van Amen.11/18/1981.

C.L. Fornari. Guido Niceforo.

John Crawford. 03/16/1982.

Project Skywatch. Photographs.

John M. Bennett.

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Folder 23

PROP #9/10. Readers' Comments.

Carlo Pittore. 03/05/1984.

Emmett Walsh. 01/30/1984 - 03/17/1984.

Harley Gaber. 02/11/1984.

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Folder 24

"PROP #12"

Lists of names and addresses related to PROP. Computer printouts.

Mick Mather. 4-U-2 Post.

Ruggero Maggi.

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Folder 24.5

"Materials for PROP #13." Also includes correspondence. Names on pieces and correspondence are noted.

Alex Igloo.

Night Exercise. Ilmar Taska. Peter R. Meyer.

Monica Rex. Sheree Levin. Stuart Romig. Rick Lawndale. Lawndale Razebrae. Venice, CA.


Lyn Lifshin.

Cracker Jack Kid.

Ulrich Kattenstroth.

Edgar Allen Bushmiller.

Monica Rex.

Ruggero Maggi.

David Cole.

Klaus Peter-Furstenau.

Chuck Welch. Cracker Jack Kid.

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Folder 25

"PROP #13 Responses, etc"

Bern Porter. PROPFOLIO.

Receipt. Capitol Press Printers. 12/13/1985.

Pawel Petasz.

Bart Plantenga.

Lyn Lifshin.

Jurgen O. Olbrich

David B. Greenberger. 04/10/1986.

P. Pets and Burnt Raisins.

Ulises Carrion.

Craig Lyman. 03/19/1986.

Jacques Massa.

Bern Porter.

Joel ??. 04/11/1986. Toledo, OH.

Art Foot.

Henryk Gajewski.

Jurgen Kierspel.

Jack Bankowsky. Printed Matter, Inc. 03/05/1986. 03/13/1986.

Pociao's Bookshoppe. 02/15/1986.

Andrej Tisma. 02/08/1986.

Phlegm Pets. Burnt Raisins.

Heritage Copy Centers. Invoice. 02/21/1985.

Edgar Allen Bushmiller. 01/24/1986.

Pan. Mark Bloch. 01/18/1986.

Press release. Workspace. Last issue of PROP.

Bern Porter. 01/14/1986.

Dan McKenney. 1986.

Alex ??. Kate ??.

Ray Johnson. 01/02/1986.

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Folder 26

"Xerox for PROP." Includes a small amount of correspondence. Names on pieces and correspondence are noted.

Kazunori Murakami.

Mark Bloch. Alex Igloo.

Paul Weinman.

Guy Bleus.

Edgar Allen Bushmiller.

Alexander Josef Hirka.

Ulrich Zimmeck.

Jim Hol.


Monica Rex.

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Issues of magazines from 1953 to 1985. The bulk of the magazines were published in the 1970s and early 1980s. Some of these were originally in Jan Galligan's possession.

Issues of WET Magazine

Folder 26

WET no. 21. November/December 1979.

WET no. 25. July/August 1980.

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Issues of FILE Magazine

Folder 27

FILE vol. 1, no. 2/3. May/June 1972.

FILE vol. 1, no. 4. December 1972.

FILE vol. 2, no. 1/2. April/May 1973. Special Double issue.

FILE vol. 2, no. 3. September 1973. Special Paris issue.

FILE vol. 2, no. 4. December 1973. Mondo Nudo. Nude egos in a nude era.

FILE vol. 2, no. 5. February 1974. Annual Artists' Directory.

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Folder 28

FILE vol. 3, no. 1. Fall 1975. Glamour issue.

FILE vol. 3, no. 2. Spring 1976. New York City edition. (2 copies.)

FILE vol. 3, no. 3. Spring 1977. Special People issue.

FILE vol. 4, no. 1. Summer 1978.

FILE vol. 4, no. 2. Fall 1979. Special Trans-gressions (Transgressions) issue.

FILE vol. 4, no. 4. Fall 1980.

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Issues of LIFE Magazine

Folder 29

LIFE vol. 35, no. 10. September 7, 1953. The world we live in: Part V. Two billion years of evolution.

LIFE vol. 51, no. 15. October 13, 1961. Africa's savage beauty.

LIFE vol. 62, no. 7. February 17, 1967. Happenings. The worldwide underground of the arts creates the other culture.

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Issues of Les Beaux-Arts Magazine

Folder 30

New Orleans' Les Beaux-Arts vol. 1, no. 3. April 1984.

New Orleans' Les Beaux-Arts vol. 1, no. 6. September 1984.

New Orleans' Les Beaux-Arts vol. 1, no. 6. December 1984/January 1985.

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