Joachim Frank Mail Art Archive: Box F

mail art by Joachim Frank

Mail Art by Artist or Group.

Continued from Box E. Miscellaneous mail art from the previously unsorted mail art boxes, sorted into folders by artist or group. If an artist or group had more than one piece in the mixed mail art box, a folder was created for the artist or group so that the pieces could be stored together. What follows is a list of artists and groups for which folders were created. Some cross-references are noted in italics to enhance usefulness. Art and correspondence of all types are found in these folders.

C., Richard.

Cammer, Les. See Blue Lunch.

Cantsin, Monty. Rev. Paul J. Summers. Rainbow Dragon.

Care zine. See Boumans, Bart.

Carrion, Ulises. See Other Books and So Archive.


Club Foot.

Cohen, Ryosuke. Brain Cell. Osaka, Japan.

Colectivo-3. Post art internacional mexico. Grupo de estudios ambientales. Ambiental researchs group. GEA. A todo mecate.

Mexico, D.F., Mexico.

CRAAG. See Aaron Flores.

Cracker Jack Kid. Chuck Welch. (Includes audience reactions to 02/24/1984 Artist talk on Art series at Franklin Furnace in New York, NY. Ronny Cohen. Larry Walczak. Faith Heisler. E.F. Higgins. John Held, Jr., David Cole, J.P. Jacob.)

C.S.L. See Black Hole Records.

DADActic, Prof. Le Marquis. See V.E.C.

Dadaland. Bill Gaglione.

Dall'Osto, Gualtiero.

Dark Dusting.

De Appel.


Druk. See V.E.C.

EGG. See International Network for Aesthetix Therapy in Art Systems.

Elling, Tom. See Lomholt Formular Press.

Ephemera. See Other Books and So Archive.

Epistolary Stud Farm. See Pyros, J.

Ernst, K.S. (Kathy). See Press Me Close.

Esther, Polly. See Polly Esther.

Ferranto, Matt.

Flores, Aaron. CRAAG.

Flores, V.M. (Victor Manuel).

Frank, Hosea.

Frank, Joachim.

Franklin, Gigi. See OIA.

Franzen, Piet. See Sema-Cahier.

Dorian, Theo. See Plantenga, Bart.

Gaglione, Bill. See Dadaland.

Gajewski, Henryk. Ric. Amsterdam, Holland.

Galantai, Gyorgy. See ArtPool.

Galligan, Jan.

GEA. See Colectivo-3.

German groups.

Glass, Jesse. See Vajda, David.

Golikov, Edwin Golik. See International Network for Aesthetix Therapy in Art Systems.

Grupo de estudios ambientales. See Colectivo-3.

Guimond, Daniel. See Western Front.

Held, Jr. John.

Horn, Stuart.

Igloo, Alex. See Smegma.

Impossible. The Impossibilists. See Musicmaster.

Inter Dada. Tommy Wayne Krammer.

International Network for Aesthetix Therapy in Art Systems. EGG. Edwin Golik Golikov.

James, Sylvia. See Kramer, Jurgen.

Jewell, Dick.

Johnson, Ray.

Kamperelic, Aderica.

Kirk, RH (Richard H.)

Kramer, Jurgen. The 80's. Sylvia James. Josef Wintjes.

Krammer, Tommy Wayne. See Inter Dada.

Kroesen, Jill.

L.A. Dada.

Laughing Postman. Richard Meade. L.P. Whitney. Mr. And Mrs. Ackerman. Blaster.

LeClair, Abdada. Studio LeClair.

Lipman, Joel.

Lomholt Formular Press. Tom Elling.

Lorenzen, Werner. Oldenburg.

Lust, Scarletina. See Smegma.

Madam X.

Maggi, Ruggero.

Mars. Warriors of Mars.

Mather, Mick.

Meade, Richard. See Laughing Postman.

Milliken, Uncle Don. See Orworks.


Moulinier, Didier. Passagere(s). Bordeaux, France.

Musicmaster. Impossible. The Impossibilists.

Myers, George. Shelley Myers.

Myers, Shelley. See George Myers.

Nations, Opal Louis. See also Press Me Close.

Near the Edge Editions. See Vittore Baroni.

Niotou, Henri.

Nurenberg, Phil.

O drawing integrity. See Score.

OIA. Organization of Independent Artists. Gigi Franklin.

Organization of Independent Artists. See OIA.

Orgroup. See Orworks.

Orworks. Orgroup. George Brett. Uncle Don Milliken.

Other Books and So Archive. Ulises Carrion. Ephemera.

Padin, Clemente. Participacion. Montevideo, Uruguay.

Participacion. See Padin, Clemente.

Passagere(s). See Moulinier, Didier.

Peo, Luna.

Peter-Furstenau, Klaus.

Phillipe, Catherine. See Westermeier, Peter.

Phoenix, George.

Pittore, Carlo. See also Press Me Close.

Plantenga, Bart. Bardor. Theo Dorian.

Plantenga, Bart. See also Smegma. See also B. P.?

Pliskow, Dan.

Polly Esther.

Post art internacional mexico. See Colectivo-3.

Press Me Close. K.S. Ernst. Kathy Ernst. Farmingdale, NJ.

Prof. Le Marquis DADActic. See V.E.C.

Ptolemy. See Vajda, David.

Pyros, J. Epistolary Stud Farm.

Radiofreedada. See LeClair, Abdada.

Rainbow Dragon. See Cantsin, Monty.

Raphael, Dan. See Vajda, David.

Ric & Henryk. See Gajewski, Henryk.

Rutkovsky, Paul.

Saunders, R.

Score. Score broadsides. O drawing integrity. Xerox sutra editions.

Sema-Cahier. Piet Franzen.

Shimamoto, Shozo. Nishinomiya, Japan.

Shiras, Myrna.

Silva, Falves.

Smegma. Alex Igloo. Bart Plantenga. Scarletina Lust.

Spiegelman, Lon. See also Press Me Close.

Studio LeClair. See LeClair, Abdada.

Summers, Rev. Paul J. See Cantsin, Monty.

Talpo, Bruno.

Trace-it, Dick.

V.E.C. Visual Experimental Concrete. Druk. Prof. Le Marquis DADActic. Tom Winter.

Vajda, David. Ptolemy. Browns Mills Review. Jesse Glass, Jr. Dan Raphael. Browns Mills, NJ.

Vigo, Edgardo Antonio. See Vigo, GE Marx.

Vigo, GE Marx. Edgardo Antonio Vigo.

Visual Experimental Concrete. See V.E.C.

Warriors of Mars. See Mars.

Weinman, Paul

Welch, Chuck. See Cracker Jack Kid.

West, Peter. See Westermeier, Peter.

Westermeier, Peter. West, Peter. Phillipe, Catherine.

Western Front. Daniel Guimond.

Whitney, L.P. See Laughing Postman.

Winter, Tom. See V.E.C.

Wintjes, Josef. See Kramer, Jurgen.

X, Madam. See Madam X.

Xerox sutra editions. See Score.

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