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Literature review for comps
To qualify to take comprehensive exams, doctoral students at SILS must prepare a literature review of the areas relevant to their probable dissertation topic. This is mine. It covers the following:
  • Need for study of information organization as a type of information behavior
  • Difference between information behavior and information practice research approaches
  • The concept of everyday life---in LIS, in sociology, and a more positive view for LIS
  • Personal information managament (PIM)
  • PIM as everyday life infrastructural practice
  • Amateur photography as defined by the Serious Leisure Perspective
  • Organization and description of images
  • Cognitive science and psychology views of cognitive concepts/categorization
  • Changes in approaches to classification in LIS and how they mirror changing view in cognitive science/psychology
  • Dervin's Sense-Making Methodology




Kinda messy after a recent migration to BibTex and ongoing project to split the one monstrous file into separate databases. The pretty versions are made with Citeline from the SIMILE project. They are good for browsing and exploring, but I am not seeing how to easily yank the BibTex out. (disabled for a while because they aren't working properly...) The ugly versions are output from JabRef and are easy to grab the BibTex from. And then there's just the .bib file.
  • Information organization, including cataloging, classification, etc. -- pretty - ugly - .bib (updated 2008-08-31)
  • Cognitive science / cognitive psychology on concepts, categories, memory, and related -- pretty - ugly - .bib (updated 2008-12-16)
  • Research methods -- pretty - ugly - .bib (updated 2008-08-31)


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