INLS 520 - Assignments and Course Project

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Course project

  • General description
  • See Google Calendar to see or import assignment start and due dates. HTML ICAL XML
  • Components
    • 1: Choosing an information type Weight: 1
    • 2: Creating a collection Weight: 4
    • 3: Identifying and evaluating objectives Weight: 3 DEADLINE: 2009-01-30 Fri 23:59
      Identify user groups/uses for your document type. Establish objectives for a full featured information organization system for your document type for each user group/use case.
    • 4: Conceptual model Weight: 5 DEADLINE: 2009-02-06 Fri 23:59
      Create a conceptual model of your document type's bibliographic universe.
    • 5: Rolled up into #6
    • 6: Application profile/schema Weight: 4 DEADLINE: 2009-02-27 Fri 23:59
      Choose the entities, attributes, and relationships sufficient and necessary to meet the needs of at least one of your user groups/uses identified in the Objectives Component.

      Design a template for expressing these descriptive elements in a structured, interoperable manner. In most cases this will take the form of an application profile and a small schema or schema-like document. appropriate metadata elements from the languages you analyzed above

    • 7: Rolled up into #6
    • 8: Metadata records (phase 1) Weight: 5 DEADLINE: 2009-03-06 Fri 23:59
      Using the specification(s) arrived at in the previous components, create partial machine-readable metadata records (omitting subject elements) for 4 or more documents in your collection.
    • 9: Subject language analysis Weight: 1 DEADLINE: 2009-03-15 Sun 23:59
      In terms of suitability for your collection, analyze appropriate subject languages that you have found. Begin brainstorming on the relevant subject universe related specifically to your collection. Begin to identify the important concepts, different terms used to express those concepts, and relationships that hold between concepts.
    • 10: Thesaurus construction Weight: 5 DEADLINE: 2009-03-27 Fri 23:59
      Create a thesaurus (partial) for your collection. The thesaurus should establish at least 30 terms with some relation to each other. Your thesaurus should be encoded in SKOS.
    • 11a: Faceted classification construction (Do this OR the Ontology/Concept Map) Weight: 5 DEADLINE: 2009-04-22 Fri 23:59
      Create a faceted classification (partial) for your collection. You will determine the fundamental facets, establish hierarchical classes for each facet, design a system of notation and citation order, and classify some of your documents to demonstrate how your classification works.
    • 11b: Ontology/concept map (Do this OR the Faceted Classification) Weight: 5 DEADLINE: 2009-04-22 Fri 23:59
      Choose one of the facets of your faceted classification and extend it into an ontology or a concept map.
    • 12: Metadata records (phase 2) Weight: 5 DEADLINE: 2009-04-27 Fri 23:59
    • Final version of all project parts DEADLINE: 2009-05-07 Thu 17:00


  • 10% of grade
  • Partially peer-evaluated
  • Details forthcoming

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